About Soulscape Studio

Bespoke website design, developed with Divi on WordPress, for soulful entrepreneurs that want a website to reflect their essence, values and business.  Also graphic design projects undertaken and premade logos available for customers looking for something ‘off the shelf’.

You can also fill your home or office with the spirit-inspired photography of Lyn Thurman from the Soulscape Studio. Beautiful photographic prints, printed professionally and shipped worldwide. 

Lyn Thurman from Soulscape Studio

Hello, I’m Lyn

My background is in IT and I’ve always enjoyed the creative aspect of working with technology (not so much laying cables or running helpdesk).  I started to build websites back when the internet was a baby and handcoding in html was a thing.

I’ve been playing around with digital art and design 20+ years.  I’m self-taught (it fulfils my INFJ personality type) and quite happy to spend hours lost in creative projects.  I created my oracle deck, the Sea Whispers Oracle, with PhotoShop magic.

I’m an enthusiast photographer.  I bought my first camera when I was eleven years old, and there have been very few times in my life when I haven’t had a camera close to hand.  I try to capture the spirit and beauty of nature – Mother Nature leaves me in awe.  Always.

Most of my photos were taken with smartphone photography – a Sony Xperia A2 or Huawei P30 Pro –  I pick my phones based on the camera.  I’ve recently taken possession of a Canon DSLR camera after threatening to learn ‘proper’ photography for years.

Other things?  I’m a writer, published author, blogger and co-director of the Quiet Rebel Bureau.

I’m a born and bred Londoner but I now live in a seaside town in North Wales.  I’m only a ten-minute stroll from my happy place: the sea.

You can also find me at www.lynthurman.com